International Journal of Manufacturing Economics and Management (IJMEM)

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ISSN 2784-1278

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ISSN 2784-2568

ISSN-L 2784-1278

International Journal of Manufacturing Economics and Management has been born as a consequence of the natural necessity of putting into circulation a journal specialized in manufacturing economics and management, an area whose topicality is obvious. The journal is addressed to mechanical field experts of both nano, micro and macro levels.

The main goal of this journal is to provide a platform in order to share and debate different issues in Manufacturing Economics and Management. All the manuscripts are subject to a rigorous and fair peer-review process. The journal publishes articles including but not limited to the following topics:

Management of research-development-innovation activities; Management of design activities; Manufacturing and logistics; Economic and technical planning; Strategic and operational planning; Economic and functional management of tools, devices, checkers; Product quality management; Risk management and risk analysis; Diagnosis and maintenance; Economics of transportation systems; Cost of manufacturing processes

The journal is supported by the Professional Association in Modern Manufacturing Technologies, ModTech Iasi-Romania.

The Editorial Board and Scientific Committee includes specialists from 20 countries, namely: from Romania - 8, USA-1, Japan-1, France-1, Serbia-2, Germany-1, Poland-4, South Korea-2, Republic of Moldova-3, Spain-1, Mexico-2, Australia-1, India-2, Malaysia-3, Turkey-2, Iraq-3, Greece-1, Russia-2, Croatia-1 and Italy-2.

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